Why this website?

From almost the moment we learned that Steve was terminally ill with pancreatic cancer, we knew we had to do something to preserve our—and your—memories of the founder of our company. Even though Steve has passed away, we intend to leave this site up for a very long time, where those memories will be preserved. This site, which we intend to leave up for a very long time, is where those memories will be preserved.

We have gathered and will continue to gather messages, both text-based and video. Steve imagined they may one day be read by his grandchildren, among many others, and we shared his joy that this may happen.

How you can add your recollections to this site

Steve has influenced many people—in their business lives, their non-profit lives, and their personal lives—and it’s our intent to include all of that in this project. We invite you to submit your comments and recollections. We’re especially interested in hearing the specific ways in which Steve (or Steve’s work) has influenced, impacted, or improved your life, your career, your work, your effectiveness, your organization, or your industry.

Your submission can be text (in an email message) or a short video file you attach. Site visitors will see your name and all submissions used will be tagged with one of the categories you will see on the Tributes page of this site.